C#19 – 27th Sept, Hornillos del Camino to Castrojeriz, 20kms

So we have completed 322kms in total as of today.  We left early and walked by moonlight with a light display all of our own to top it off. We were surrounded by windmills with red and white flashing warning lights on three sides flashing every second. It was quiet and beautiful.

Our bed for the night is in a town with a 9th century Roman castle on the hill. Our albergue this time is a municipally run one – 5 Euros per night!!

On the walk today I meditated on the ‘ties of obligation’. My Camino is devoid of ‘to do’ lists. While this should feel great, I feel a bit lost without the list. I get a certain satisfaction from crossing off an item and moving onto the next one. It also anchors me to obligation, a familiar, safe place but also one with burdens. So I walked, noting I’m burden free but, at the same time, missing my list of obligations. There must be a happy place somewhere between the two. I think I’ll walk a bit more and consider this.

4 thoughts on “C#19 – 27th Sept, Hornillos del Camino to Castrojeriz, 20kms

  1. You have a gift of words you have. I’m finding your blog a page-turner and love that we can share a small piece of the Camino with you and Tony. ❤️


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