C#22 – 30th Sept from Carrion to Moratinos, 30 kms

Today was a BIG day. We walked 30 kms, yet again, the furthest so far. We made it to half way. Yep we have completed 50%, celebrating with a photo and a chocolate -hand made by nuns in the shape of match sticks. Work that out! And we finished the day, having dinner in a 300 year old underground winery in a tiny isolated town in the middle of nowhere – with all of our friends, see below🤪. We did this section with our Canadian friends, Deb and Allan.

A great day. Lots of conversations on the state of the world, economic models, space junk, Elon Musk and great authors. Must read a book called, Walk Away. A science fiction view of our near future of educated people walking away from the established system and setting up their own sustainable communities.


We have a new term, a beastie Camino. That is when you take an aggressive approach to your day’s walk and give it your all. Today was beastie. We started off doing 17 in four hours. 4.25 kph. Seriously beastie. This stretch was a wasteland of NO toilets or amenities.





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