C#28 -6th Oct, from León to Mazarife, 21.8kms

A soothing walking day, today. No more urban stimuli. Just the road, the sky and our thoughts. We walked across a moor (paramo) but not before we exited León through the ugly urban fringe. But the paramo was mostly beautiful, high skies. The temperature has dropped and we felt the cold for the first time on our trip. Our flock of pilgrims are all now a day ahead of us and we wonder if we’ll meet again.

So today I was thinking. About many things. When in León during a Sangria drinking session, the young ‘Camino sisters’ (from NZ, Canada, Aus and Ireland) asked the classic … do you believe in God? 

I then read a piece in The Conversation about the secular and the sacred.


It struck me that life is about both and both can be part of our day and a part of our interaction with others. I thought about the Acknowledgement of Country said at the start of meetings at work… this is an opportunity to merge secular and sacred… secular in that there is work to be done and sacred in that we need to afford respect to each other and enable each of us to have a voice and each of us to be heard. I think the AoC is a good way to bring secular and sacred into a complementarity. They don’t have to be in tension.

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