C#40 – 18th Oct, the bakery to Portomarin, 14kms

Ok. So. We are back on the road again. Being sensible. A short walk. No packs and a comfortable, private hotel to aim for.  I’m feeling stronger and my appetite has returned.

Our walk was very beautiful. Rolling farm and woodlands. Arriving at a gorgeous town above a deep ravine. The story is the town was moved in the sixties when they dammed the river. But the river is so low that you can see the original bridge and the submerged ruins. Strange site to behold.


They moved some of the buildings up the hill, including the interestingly square, historic church. You can still read the numbers on each stone so that they reconstructed it exactly.

As I walked, I kept thinking about the garden I want to grow when I get home….

We finished the day sharing a meal with two seasoned Camino women from Oz – Jenny and Anne. Talked about the madness of Australian politics at the moment. The Libs deserve to lose Wentworth! Kicking own goals is becoming their trademark move.

One thought on “C#40 – 18th Oct, the bakery to Portomarin, 14kms

  1. Just catching up on your blog. So glad you are feeling better. Unfortunately I can relate to visits to a few medical facilities in far off countries being treated for gastric issues – not fun!. I am in awe that you walked so far feeling unwell. Take it easy over the coming days – I am sure you will get to the end!


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