Camino Day 3 – 11th Sept Roncesvalles to Zubiri

We have made lots of friends now and meet each other along the way. We all walk at different paces and stop for rests at different times. Today was a medium difficulty day. We walked for 22 kms past farm land, over hills and got to meet the local animals up close.

We had a steep decline into the quaint hamlet of Zubiri. To cool our tired feet and legs we tried to go for a swim in the river – ice melt! We both managed to get our feet and legs wet.  But it was great for our tired muscles.  Our fellow pilgrims have a vast array of reasons for doing this long walk but to my surprise many of them haven’t trained or prepared for the physical challenge. We make good progress everyday but not at speed and take our time to take in our surroundings.  We are pooped at the end but not too bad over all. Others are struggling but are determined and keep putting one step in from if the other. There are others with health issues or recovering from life changing events and they are determined to do their best. The hostel staff are very supportive and respectful. We are enveloped by kind, peaceful people. It is beautiful.

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