Camino Day 4 – Sep 12th Zubiri to Pamplona

This was a great day. We left our hostel early in the dark with our head torches on. We walked through rural landscapes and followed a river for ages. So peaceful and beautiful. Our feet got very hot so we cooled them in the stream.


We met the local animals along the way! We walked past a ‘coffee cart’ next to a 700 yr old church. We had coffee, a boiled egg and a banana.  This is a typical Camino snack stop. As we arrived in Pamplona after 21kms, we walked through the centre of town towards the old original town centre. It was hard work. My feet burned and my pelvis ached. It was such a welcome site when we saw the old city wall. We had booked an Air BNBfor two nights with our new friends, Karen and Larry from Madison. Larry banters which makes Tony happy😉. We found our pad, and were delighted by our luxurious abode. We found a supermarket for supplies and settled in for a night of wine, cheese nibbles etc but not before hot showers and moans and groans. We slept for 12 hrs.


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