Camino Day 5 -13th Sept Pamplona rest day

Ah, Pamplona! The city of the Running of the Bulls!5A4CD193-6551-4C13-BF3C-FAFA0FF6FFE7We weren’t there during ‘running’ season but we got to see the doll of the guy who started it – San Fermin – the guy who was engorged back in the 13th Century, and the starting line for the men.

Then, of course the bulls, encierros, need their path sign-posted just to be sure they find the men and their way to the bull ring for the afternoon bull fighting entertainment for the locals. 6FF087DD-4461-4593-B354-0D5C1C4C7160 So, some observations: the old city of Pamplona sits centrally within a greater metropolis; the city streets make walking tough with all the hard surfaces; we should have entered the old city along the river; siesta time is best for sightseeing to avoid the crowds; we run into other pilgrims who we have come to know. We meet friends in news places. They say, the Camino provides, which indeed appears to be true.

Some reflections: what matters?

1. A lighter pack. We decided to shed 3kgs.

2. The kindness that the post office lady showed us. She had no English and we had no Spanish. Her patience and care was humbling. We sent our three kgs of gear ahead to Santiago.

3. A place to sleep. I had 12 hrs sleep in Pamplona. I was tired.


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