C Day #7 – 15th Sept from Zariquiegui to Cirauqui 25.4 kms

Today marked an important milestone. We have walked over a 100 kms and are one eighth through. Yay.

We left before sunrise and walked through the dawn up to a ridge with wind turbines along the ridge line. The pass was the Peak of Forgiveness . It was windy with 360 degree views.

And then the rest of the day was down hill to the Arga river and a an expansive medieval bridge. We then headed back up hill to our planned stop at Cirauqui. Along the way we took a detour of about an hour to visit a Romanesque church of the knights of the Templar where Pilgrims who died due to the harsh winter conditions were buried. We took a breather and stretched with some yoga. The weather has been kind with cool mornings and warm days. The food was great. The locals have huge veggie gardens and the local tapas are all made with local produce. We have a bit of a social group now and so we met up in the evening for a debrief on each of our days. Our hamlet for the night was in the midst of a seven day fiesta …. with music and dancing, singing and lots of noise. At first it was fantastic. It went non stop from the afternoon when we arrived around 3pm all night. It is now 4.11am and it is still in full swing. Impossible to sleep and add to that the church Bell chiming every 15minutes to announce that time has past. Doubly impossible to sleep.

Note to self: Spanish know how to party hard. I’m now listening to Tina Turner beat out a number. Medieval place with modern music, Simply the Best.

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