C#8, 16th Sept – from Cirauqui to Azqueta, 21.5 kms

We decided to see what it felt like sending our packs ahead and only having a day pack for water and food. We walked burden free.

So as we left this morning passing through the final partiers, still going at 7.30am. The town was trashed and some Nonas will be cranky that there pot plants are wrecked.

Later we walked through a little town called Estella where the locals were reenacting a local war between regions. They looked fabulous in their red and white uniforms.

The big moment of the day was coming across the famous wine fountain. Yep. Red wine or water -take your pick! It was a very nice red. Free for pilgrims.

And finally we arrived at the albergue where we sent our packs. It was run by an American called Pete. Larger than life. He plied is with beer and wine and lots of stories of the sorry state of our times. The food at dinner was awesome and the conversation great. I tried my Spanish on three sisters from Brazil. Pity they speak Portuguese!

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