C#9, Sept 17 Azqueta to Torres del Rio, 21.9 kms

So the rhythm of our daily walking is

1. Get up to the murmurings and scratchings around in the dark of our fellow bunkers after a sleep punctuated by night music. Night music, you ask? Well, it is a musical arrangement consisting of a regular underlying beat usually and predictably provide by a bloke, with high pitch squeaks by the regular ladies climbing out of their bunks to the toilet, the solo bluster and booms by the rugged snorer topped off by the occasional solo nightmare -that was me. But the high point of this musical experience is the sleeping farter. Wow, can they let rip.

2. Pack up quickly and Eat a pilgrim’s breakfast of toast, coffee and juice.

3. Hit the road, usually downhill because each village is on a hill!

4. Then walking along paths through farmland of wheat, vineyards, almond trees, olive groves, vegatable patches and then slowly down to a river.

5. Usually there is a town on the river where we rest.

6. Cross the river, more wandering paths through farmland,

7. Then the finale, an uphill slog to the pilgrims hostel.

8. It is then book in, choose our bunk, wait for a turn in the shower and then nap! Heaven.

9. At about 7 pm we are called to dinner. We eat. Eat and eat. And the din of the dinners is amazing with us all shared Deep and meaningfuls mostly about blisters, sweat, where to do you washing and where we come from. Always fun.

Today we were served dinner in the only hotel in town all in rows. We had great wine and Tony acted as waiter briefly. We also got to have a swim in the hotel’s pool.

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