C#10, 18 Sept – Torres Del Rio to Logrono, 21kms

We left this morning the earliest so far and walked in the dark as the sun rose. Very special. Today’s walk was exposed with only one town. The town however, Viana, was defended by the Spain pope, Alexander VI’s son. Cesar Borgia was the gorgeous second son (yep, work that out?) in the HBO series, oh and in real life. The Borgias series is awesome, with the pope played by Jeremy Irons! Recommend watching it. So we stepped on poor old Cesar’s remains at the entrance as we walked into the town church to celebrate his saving of the city! On the way in we passed historic vineyard guard houses called beehives. Too small for Tony.  He’d take out a WHS claim if he was the guard. So while in Viana, I took advantage of a Christian pilgrims rest to soak my feet. Very New Testament, don’t you think?  I had a short black at the same time. Once we arrived at our destination, Logrono, we found our little hotel where we will rest for two days. As the town is celebrating its annual harvest festival, we expect to be busy seeing the locals indulge and celebrate. We met our pilgrim buddies in town indulging ourselves on tapas.



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