C#12 – 20th Sept Logrono to Najera, 29.5 kms

Today was a big day for two reasons.

1. It was the longest that we have walked in one day so far.

2. We broke the 200km mark. We are officially over a quarter complete!

We left early at 6.30 after a solid night’s sleep and feeling well rested. We had fireworks to contend with at lights out but I think I can sleep through anything now.

We divided the day up into three rests and walked as far as we could before the temperature rose to 30 degrees.  At morning tea, I found myself in a very old church asking all pilgrims to pin their name to a world map. Tony meanwhile had coffee while I explored the interior of the church noting how the golden wooden alter looked in natural light.

It was uneventful but we were baled up by a local wine grower who wanted to walk with us to practice his English. So we asked him about wine growing, the history of his town and the local geography. He showed us walnut and almond trees which I had never seen before. It was great to meet him.

When we arrived at the Albergue I was pretty beat. I have given myself a heat rash on my feet and up my legs. A new experience. We are going to go to the river and soak my legs in the cold water.


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