C#24 – 2nd Oct, from Calzadilla to Mansilla de las Mulas, 24.4kms

So today we continued along the alternative path through farmland and off the beaten track. We are now part of a flock of pilgrims. Tony has a certain magnetic appeal. He is the pilgrim with the app that works by GPS and doesn’t need a WiFi. ‘Follow Tony coz he knows where to go’.  So we have Deb and Allan, Sarah, Anya, George, Torr, Jacob, Marcel. 10 of us meandering together, stopping and starting, laughing and imagining. At one point we got buzzed by a helicopter. We all had a different, but always imaginative response:

  1. SAS soldiers about to land to take up a defensive position against the Locsl resistance.
  2. A 007 moment where a helicopter lands and a stunning, female assassin emerges and strafes us.
  3. A police search for an escaped prisoner
  4. an aerial  search for a secret bunker

And then Tony burst our collective bubble and said it was probably a low flying NavEx (Navigational exercise). Military man.

The day involved walking another Roman road, used by Ceasar Augustus and then later by Charlemagne. Shared it with some seriously big farming equipment driven by the locals.

We were glad to get to our final destination.  It has been seven days without a rest. And we are starting to feel weary. But I did observe that each day is less painful than the day before. We get more resilient as we progress. Feet are toughening up.

We spent the afternoon touring the town with its defensive wall still in tact.

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