C#25 – 3 October, from Mansilla to León, 18.1kms

We have been gone a month now. It seems too short a period of time for us to have done so many kms. But it is starting to feel like we have been gone a while now.

Today should have been an easy day. It was short on kms but we were warned it would be a challenge as we walked into León through the always unattractive, urban fringe of a big city. And so it was, with the additional detour due to road works. We had a add a whole km to the day – a long detour for walkers. I saw the first servo and my first KFC.

Our flock dispersed and we walked alone. It was nice to just have our time to ourselves to think. We reformed in Leon and had a great evening after a siesta in a hotel! We will rest of three days and spoil ourselves with amenities, food and sites. In fact our need for washing is critical. I did the Gaudi tour in my PJs!

We are over 60% complete. Unbelievable. We have all but completed the Meseta and will begin to do some more up and downhills from here on.

León has one of only three Gaudi buildings outside of Barcelona. We had a wonderful tour last night and marveled at his architectural genius.

We found ourselves in the midst of a night market. Very exciting. Everyone dressed in period clothes. Yep, even including the hunting bird.

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