C#26 – 4th Oct, León rest day 1 of 2

So today we slept in. Wow. What a treat. We have a little pension room with ensuite. No need for ear plugs or eye mask and no pilgrim russelling at 4.50am in preparation for the day.

We dropped off our washing and set out to explore León, now in full festival-swing.

Our visit to the cathedral was awe-inspiring. Unlike other cathedrals, this one is different in that the entire building is just one genre – Gothic with no updated genres of archecture interfering. Elegant, tall columns, rays of sunlight through enormous stain glass windows of nature and biblical characters. Simple with an alter that lets the stain glass above tell the Christ story. It’s beauty is enough to evangelize!

I particularly liked the dead bishop who defies gravity in his sarcophagus, and the very lucky one who got away! 😜

We then explored the markets and ate a huge lunch of meat and chips, before retiring for siesta.

The food has been way better than my expectations of just meat and more meat. We eat mostly pilgrim meals which are usually three courses and a bottle of red for about Aus $17 each. The olives, cheeses, meats, salads and desserts are great. Here is a selection… we aren’t going hungry!

We spent the evening catching up with Deb and Al and the Camino sisters. Lots of Sangria! Great night.

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