C#37 – 15th Oct, Fillobal to Sarria, 21.7kms

Having rested and caught up on blogging, it was time to head out. We marched out early and walked through rain and wind down the mountain. It was wild and black. No stars. No street lights. Just our headtorches to guide us. We met the Fire Salamander as we trod.

D945C355-D461-4F32-9B31-10D6D10B53BCThe weather cleared and the day became a lovely wander through farm and woodland. We met another bunch of cows walking down our path but we got out of the way in time!

So we arrived in Sarria. This was an important moment. We are now five days walk from Santiago. We now merge with many pilgrims starting from here to do the ‘short camino’- 100kms. From here on we must get two stamps per day in order to qualify for the Compostela – the certificate confirming a completed Camino. We stayed in a monastery – my bed was #233! Yep. It was crowded. Humanity in all its diversity and drive for basic needs. We had a group of Russian women (we think) who didn’t consider that their shouting might have disturbed others. At 10.30pm I turned the lights off. It quietened then a bit! The showers on the other hand were fantastic, hot and endless!

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