C#15 – 23 Sept, Belorado to Ages, 27.8 kms

This was a big day. I was worried about walking the distance knowing we were facing a 30 degree day. So we had our packs sent on ahead and just carried food, water and sun hats. We made it without incident. It was more about anxiety than reality.

So during the long walk, I got to thinking…

What matters?

  1. My feet
  2. A good night’s sleep
  3. My knees
  4. The little moments with fellow pilgrims
  5. Tony says … internet connection 

What doesn’t matter?

  1. A bad hair day
  2. Farting in your sleep
  3. An appropriate dress sense


  1. Dad would be proud of me. My stocky legs get me there every day. He said I was compact and it has come in handy.
  2. Life can be really simple. It is a question of choice.
  3. Everybody’s journey is different and individual.
  4. Spaniards smoke far too much. And a lot of pilgrims, too! 

3 thoughts on “C#15 – 23 Sept, Belorado to Ages, 27.8 kms

  1. Continuing to love your blog, photos, great descriptions, philosophical thoughts (what matters). Looks like you are making great progress and experiencing a unique part of the world!


  2. Thanks, Alison. Glad you are enjoying it. I’m enjoying composing and writing. Despite having time, it isn’t always easy to post as Internet is uncertain and often slower than a snail!


  3. I am pretty amazed in fact as to how much you have loaded despite the internet. I guess one way to while away the walk is to think about the next blog entry! Also just read latest update – good to see that you have some cooler weather…


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