C#16 – 24th Sept, Ages to Burgos, 21.5 kms

We walked today in much cooler temperatures. It dropped from 15-30 to 7-18. It was windy and wet. We walked in the road for a lot of the day so I wore my hi-vis outfit. Dadahh.

CCCE08B2-D13B-4F48-9045-0FF0492C0BE8The most interesting town we passed through, Atapuerca, is the home to an archeological site of human and animal remains dating back 110,000 yrs ago. The earliest evidence of human habitation in Europe. Named Homo Antecessor, this species of hominid lived at the same time as Neanderthal and homo sapians. Homo sapians won out due to a competitive drive and a better ability to adapt. So nothing has changed! Adapting to climate change will test the species, though! Here is Atapuerca man.

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